Industrial Career Centres

Career Centres

To date, there are seven Career Centres in operation.

  • Construction Careers Regina (CCR) - spring of 1998, 
  • Construction Careers Saskatoon (CCS) - spring of 2000, 
  • Construction Careers Prince Albert (CCPA) - fall of 2003, 
  • Northern Industrial Career Centre La Ronge (now, Northern Work Prep Centre) - spring 2007

One year after the doors opening in La Ronge, three new Industrial Career Centres were established. 

  • Yorkton Industrial Career Centre (YICC); 
  • Meadow Lake Industrial Career Centre (MLICC) and; 
  • Battlefords Industrial Career Centre (BICC) in North Battleford.

Career Centre Services

All 7 Career Centres are based on the same delivery model and provide the following services:

  • Links to Employment
  • Technical Training
  • Job Coaching
  • Driver License Training
  • Career Planning
  • Academic Upgrading
  • Career Counselling
  • Safety Training (SCOT / CSTS09)
  • Indenturing Apprentices

Close co-operation and consultation with industry employers has been established to ensure training and employment opportunities.

Career Centre Management

Career Centre Steering Committees - Each Career Centre is guided by a Steering Committee. The Career Centre Steering Committee consists of partner representatives and other key stakeholders in the region who are interested in First Nation and Aboriginal labour force development initiatives.

The role of the Steering Committee is to:

  • Establish the goals and objectives of the Career Centre.
  • Provide overall direction to the operation of the Career Centre.
  • Provide direction on actions to achieve sustainable growth and development.
  • Provide direction for project administration and management.
  • Provide guidelines and strategies for assessment and evaluation of the Career Centre.

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) - SIIT is a certified First Nations governed training institution with a mandate to provide training and other labour force development services for the First Nations people of Saskatchewan.

Career Centre Roles

The role of SIIT in the Career Centres is to:

  • Employ and provide direct supervision of all Career Centre staff.
  • Provide overall day-to-day administrative and managerial support for the Career Centres.
  • Develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate operational plans and budgets for the annual operation of the Career Centre.
  • Develop and implement training and other participant development initiatives.
  • Source funding and other related supports for the Career Centre as directed by the Steering Committee.
  • Provide reports and information as required to all stakeholders.

For information contact:

Trades & Industrial Department, SIIT
229 - 4th Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK S7K 4K3
Office: 306-244-4460, Fax: 306-244-0078