Mobile Career Coach

Mobile Career Coach

The Mobile Career Coach project is a partnership with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, which is specifically designed to provide Saskatchewan First Nation communities with career support services. To house these services two recreational vehicles were purchased and custom built to provide ample office space. Equipped with internet capability, servers, laptops, facilitation screens these RVs are an innovative design concept of this nature which allows staff and participants to comfortably engage in career services.

What is our approach?

Personality and character play a huge role in career selection and overall job satisfaction. We can work with participants to discover personal skills, abilities, values and interests related to careers by simply listening to their personal stories or conducting assessments. When this type of approach is taken it allows career coaching staff to properly guide the process of career selection and identify where improvements or added supports may be needed.

Our Services 

  • discover unique skills and career abilities
  • identify employment barriers
  • provide education and program referrals
  • resumé and cover letter writing services (Optimal Resumé)
  • interview preparation
  • community service referrals
  • research occupations (National Occupational Code)
  • connect with local employers


The following assessments are delivered either online or in pencil/paper format. Each assessment varies in completion time. Please contact us to discuss the assessment that would best suit your needs.

  • Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) - Bow Valley College
  • Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) - Pearson Canada Assessment Inc.
  • Career Interest Profiler (CIP) - Psychometrics Canada Ltd.
  • Ability Profiler (AP) - Psychometrics Canada Ltd. 
  • Career Values Scale (CVS) - Psychometrics Canada Ltd.

How can I book a Mobile Career Coach?

Please note that each mobile coach should be booked at least one month in advance of your desired community visitation date. Booking forms and additional details are provided through the Life Coaching Unit by calling (306) 477-9341 or emailing